Magnolia (Champaca)

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Magnolia (Magnolia champaca, formerly knows as Michelia champaca)


Magnolia, also known as Champaca or Champak, is a strongly scented plant favoring a rich, floral aroma.  Rooted deep in Southern tradition, this oil is well known for its grounding, yet uplifting properties.  This essential oil is available in a 15 mL amber glass Euro bottle.  We are also pleased to offer the hydrosol of magnolia, which is a byproduct of the process of distillation, conveniently packaged in a 1 ounce amber glass Euro spray bottle.

All Wellness Warrior essential oils are organic. 


The essential oil of magnolia can be used topically as a perfume or the hydrosol can be sprayed around the home, nursery, and automobile for a cleansing aroma.  Looking to add a little excitement to your bedroom?  Simply dab a drop behind your ear and experience the aphrodisiac effects of this intoxicating oil! Feel like jazzing up your favorite dish? Simply spray atop your favorite dessert or even in a wine glass before adding your drink to receive a hint of your favorite hydrosol.  


Aphrodisiac, astringent, balancing, cooling, protestant of the skin.


Aromatic – Add 1-3 drops of essential oil to distilled water and diffuse; inhale directly by cupping your hands around an open bottle and breathe in deeply through your nose; spray the hydrosol around the home, nursery, or automobile.

Topical – Spray the hydrosol directly onto the skin or as an after-shower mist; oil may be applied directly behind the ears or on the base of the wrists.

Internal – Spray the hydrosol atop your favorite recipe.

Children – Safe for children when sprayed around them.


No known precautions.