Vetiver, Vetiveria zizanoides

Part used:  roots of the grass plant

Properties:  anti-anxiety, circulatory tonic, grounding, immune boosting, skin emollient

Aroma and appearance:  vetiver's strong earth tones advance with age.  It is a thick oil that is considered to have a strong base note, meaning that the aroma may take longer than 12 hours to dissipate from the air

Active propertiessesquiterpenoids

Historical uses:  vertiver's roots are used during the plant's third year

Country of origin:  India

Organic:  YES

Use:  Vetiver is best used aromatically or massaged onto the bottoms of the feet.  The hydrosol can be spritzed around the home or on the body for a fresh, uplifting and relaxing aroma.

AVAILABLE:  5 mL essential oil, 15 mL essential oil, 2 oz hydrosol in a glass trigger-spray bottle (plastic bottle available upon request).