• Respiratory Health


    This beautiful blend of organic essential oils is an excellent choice for the whole family's medicine cabinet. 

    Made with love, & the organic essential oils of Mentha piperita (peppermint), Citrus limonum (lemon), & eucalyptus radiata (eucalyptus)

    Simply rub on the bottom of your feet, chest or neck to assist with stuffy nose, sinus and congestion.  For added relief, after application, cover chest and back with a warm, moist towel.

    Available in the following bottles:

    15 mL standard bottle - undiluted for maximum effect.  Not safe for kids under 80 lbs (8 years old).  May cause skin sensitivity, so diluting is recommended if using topically. Can be used in a diffuser undiluted.

    10 mL Roller bottle - diluted in jojoba oil and is safe for topical use with children between 20-80 lbs (1-8 years old).

    10 mL Roller bottle for INFANTS - diluted in jojoba oil and is safe for topical use with infants under 20 lbs.

    **Safe for aromatic, topical, internal, and oral use over 80 lbs (8 years old).  As with all essential oils, skin irritation is possible if used undiluted.  Wellness Warrior always recommends you dilute to a safe level when using essential oils topically.  Check out our recommended dilution chart based on weight.