• Healthy Baby Wellness Kit


    The Baby Wellness Kit is perfect for bridal showers, new moms or a warm welcome to the nursery!  The kit contains all organic ingredients and has been formulated for safe use on newborns sensitive skin.

    Baby Wellness Kit, Healthy Baby, comes with:

    1.    Instant ImmunityTea Tree, Lavender, Eucalyptus radiata safely diluted for infant use in a jojoba oil base. 

    10mL Roller Bottle 

    Simply rub on the bottom of your baby's feet for an instant immunity boost! Apply during diaper changes to help keep baby's immunity strong.

    Recommended for daily use. 

    2.   Simmer Down Massage Oil Tangerine & Roman Chamomile safely diluted for infant use in a jojoba oil base

    10mL Roller Bottle

    Massage Baby's whole body after bath and before bedtime. Simply rub on the bottom of your baby's feet, collarbone or behind the ears to assist baby to calm down when upset or restless.

    Recommend using regularly so baby will associate the aromas to feeling good. 

    3.    Respiratory Health - Peppermint, Eucalyptus Radiata, Lemon

    15mL Standard Euro Dropper Bottle  

    Aromatherapy blend to be used in a diffuser only - not topically.

    Recommend putting a diffuser in the same room as baby night and day.

    4.    Geranium Hydrosol  - organic geranium hydrosol

    4oz Spray Bottle

    Spritz around the nursery, changing station, or play area for a clean and fresh aroma that is antibacterial, antioxidant and antifungal.


    CAUTION:  Although this kit has been formulated for safe use on infants sensitive skin, Wellness Warrior always recommends patch testing a small area of skin before applying diluted essential oils over a larger area.  If the skin reacts with a rash, either dilute further or stop using the product and consult a trusted healthcare provider, if necessary.  To further dilute, always use a lipid (fat) based substance, like coconut, jojoba, or even olive oil instead of water as the essential oils will not mix with the water.  If a child comes into contact with an essential oil, dilute with a vegetable based oil, then wash with soap and water.


    Purchasing these items as a collection in our Healthy Baby Wellness Kit gives you a 10% savings off of the retail price! Savings is reflected in above price.  This kit also includes the option of a diffuser, perfect for your nursery or child's bedroom.  Diffuser option is available under "Kit Type".