Wellness Warrior Foundation is a non-profit organization with a focus on promoting well-being through the use of herbal medicines, essential oils, and healthy, self-sustaining lifestyles.  We are a registered 501c3 charitable organization and use contributions to fund the following projects:

  • Scholarships for Wellness Warrior students of herbal medicine and/or essential oils
  • Purchase of land to build self-sustainable communities
  • Building of homes, schools, & medical clinics to support self-sustainability
  • Procurement of raw materials used in community herbal medicine clinics
  • Community herbal medicine clinics
  • Support orphans in Uganda, Africa until their self-sustainable community is complete

The Eden Project - our current self-sustainable project, located in Junja, Uganda, East Africa.

Uganda is the "youngest" nation, where the average age of her citizens is just 15-years-old!  Many children are orphaned because of the civil war, or lost their parents to AIDS, and are now forced to live on the streets.  Many adults have taken charge of these children and have opened homes to care for them.  God's Care Community Ministries, a non-government organization (NGO) based out of Jinja, Uganda cares for 40 orphaned children and multiple children throughout the region through foster care.

Dr. Cooney has continued a 12-year relationship with GCCM, led by Julian Sserwadda.  She has visited with the children and staff numerous times and has recently been offered the opportunity to serve as the International Director of the NGO.  Wellness Warrior supports GCCM with food, shelter, clothes, educational material, school fees, and herbal medicines and essential oils as their primary source of medicine.  Annually, Wellness Warrior visits with the children (usually in January or February) and welcomes others to join us.  Most trips are two weeks in length and are designed to spend time with the children, teach wellness techniques to staff, and assist with building a sustainable community where the children's home will take control of their expenses by selling or bartering herbal medicines for livestock and food.


This year, we are raising funds to purchase land and build 2 children's homes, a medical clinic, a kitchen, outdoor eating area, and a school.  Currently, the need is extremely high for this organization as land and buildings are critically needed to provide a safe environment for the children.  The annual expenses renting the one-room brick home with no utilities is $600.  Food, school fees, medical care, and transportation exceed $15,000, for the 40 children and two house mothers.  A large vehicle is currently needed so the children can be transported safely.

If you are interested in supporting our initiative, please contact us for more information.

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