Essential oils and herbal medicines can be incredibly effective when used properly.  As with any standard medicine you are familiar with, safety should always be a concern.  For example, many people use over the counter medicines without problems, however, if they were to overdose, or use incorrectly, they could have serious effects on the body.  Like orthodox medicine, herbal medicines and essential oils need to be used appropriately and with caution.

This essential oil chart provides a safe guideline when using essential oils.  Oils should never be used orally or internally without first understanding what the intention of the oil is.  Infants & small children (under 8 years old) should never be given essential oils by mouth without first consulting a trusted healthcare provider.  In the event of an overdose or adverse reaction, do not delay activating the emergency response system.

Our Warrior Child & New Mother products are Wellness Warrior's specialty line of essential oils designed by aromatherapist Suzanna (Sizzle) Mitchell.  These oil blends are diluted for safe use on infants and mothers during pregnancy and postpartum one year.  The Warrior Child blends are designed to be used on children under 8 years (80 lbs)