Dr. Kellie Cooney

Founder, Global Director, Chief Formulator, Instructor

Dr. Cooney is the founder of Wellness Warrior.  She is a traditional naturopath, clinical herbalist, aromatherapist, and paramedic who lives in Oak Island, North Carolina.  She is the chief formulator for Wellness Warrior.  In 1999 her daughter, at just 2-years-old, was diagnosed with type-1 diabetes. Six months later, she was diagnosed with a very rare seizure disorder, and 4 years later, developed a disease affecting her esophagus.  The combination of these three disorders caused Dr. Cooney to dive into medical textbooks to fully understand what was causing her daughter so much pain.  What she found wasn’t a cure in western medicine.  In fact, she discovered how nutrition was able to heal not only the disease of her esophagus but Dr. Cooney was also able to wean her daughter off her seizure medicine as well.  This discovery of how nutrition plays such an important role in the health of her daughter led her to further research nutrition and natural healing.  Over the next decade, Dr. Cooney completed a doctorate degree in traditional naturopathy and a master’s degree in complementary alternative medicine (CAM).  She earned three graduate certificates in herbal medicine, botanical safety, and aromatherapy, and was nominated for and awarded the 2016 Famous Alumni of the Year award granted by the US Department of Education.  Dr. Cooney knew that not only would her education prove to be an important step in obtaining the knowledge she needed to pursue her passions, but would also substantiate her voice in speaking with others about herbal medicines; a, sometimes rather controversial topic.

Dr. Cooney spent over two decades traveling the backcountry of the United States, Mexico, and eastern Africa.  Some of the most notable expeditions she participated in include rappelling and climbing Golondrinas (The Cave of the Swallows), a 1500' sinkhole in Mexico, and participating in five rappelling and climbing expeditions of El Capitan, the monolithic mountain known for her awe and beauty, as she controls the Yosemite Valley in California's most pristine National Park.  Dr. Cooney worked as a medical missionary in Uganda, Africa where the resources of government lack but the land surely provides plenty.

Wellness Warrior's line of herbal medicines and essential oils was birthed from these experiences and the desire to see people around the world have the opportunity to be well naturally, especially when the cost of healthcare is skyrocketing. She continues to study ethnomedicine (how indigenous people use plants as medicine) and botanical safety to encourage others to better understand how natural medicine works and can heal the body.

Her love for children and natural medicines turned into an opportunity to bring natural medicines and essential oils to vulnerable children in Uganda.  Oils for Orphans was founded as a non-profit organization in 2015.  Five percent of Wellness Warrior's profits go to support 40 children and staff in Uganda.  Every purchase you make will go to change another person's life!  Change a nation and be part of this great movement!

Dr. Cooney is an ACHS.edu Holistic Health Practitioner, and holds professional memberships with the Holistic Chamber of Commerce, International Association of Flight and Critical Care Paramedics, & the National Association of Nutritional Professionals.

Suzanna Mitchell

National Sales Director, Creator of women and children's essential oil blends

Suzanna is the National Sales Director for Wellness Warrior and the creator of our Women and Children's essential oil blends.  Suzanna is a professional nanny in the Boulder and Denver area of Colorado.  Suzanna is studying both aromatherapy and training to become a certified Postpartum Doula.

Over the past 10 years, Suzanna has worked in many different environments with children.  After graduating college, she worked in an Autism clinic, and research facility at Yale (University) Child Study Center in the Neuroscience Lab researching Autism Spectrum Disorder.  Suzanna has also worked in daycares, schools, and in a hospital as a Behavioral Specialist for Child and Adult Psychiatry.  Through these work experiences, Suzanna recognized her passion for holistic health.  She is inspired by aromatherapy and has been able to use the Wellness Warrior essential oil blends she's created with the children she currently cares for, including the "I AM Safe" blend for nightmares.  She is blessed to be able to work with families on a daily basis using the custom blends she creates.  Suzanna looks forward to bridging family life, starting from pregnancy onward, with the healing properties of essential oils and herbs.  Please visit Suzanna's blog here!

Carrie Howell

Marketing and Communications Director

Carrie is the Marketing and Communications Director for Wellness Warrior.  She graduated with honors in May 2017, with her Bachelor of Communication degree from Thomas More College.  She is a member of Delta Epsilon Sigma, a National Scholastic Honor Society for Catholic colleges, as well as Lambda Pi Eta, the National Communication Association's honor society.  She has a proven record of excellent customer service, sales and marketing experience, along with training in media and advertising.

Carrie is happily married to her husband, Brennan, of 14 years.  They have four children ranging from ages 5-18 and reside in Hebron, Kentucky.  Carrie's passion in life is her family!  She actively volunteers at her children's elementary school and served two years as an elected member of the Kentucky Department of Education's School Based Decision-Making council.  When she is not coaching soccer, she loves to be on the sideline cheering on all her kids as they play sports.  She enjoys camping and caving with her family, golfing with her husband, catching up on a good book, and getting dirty gardening.  Over the years, Carrie has begun to develop a stronger appreciation for what nature provides us so that we can better manage our own health; she is excited to be part of the Wellness Warrior team!

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