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Thank you for your interest in the 2016 Wilderness Herbal First Aid Course.  This course will be taught over three and a half days in July 2016 in southwestern Denver, Colorado by Sam Coffman and Kellie Cooney

Thursday:  5-8 PM - instructor:  Dr. Kellie Cooney - topic of instruction:  using essential oils during an emergency

Friday:  all day - instructor:  Sam Coffman

Saturday:  all day - instructor:  Sam Coffman

Sunday:  all day - instructor:  Sam Coffman

Lodging:  Camping at Chatfield State Park

The WHFA course includes a Wilderness Herbal First Responder Guide (written by Sam Coffman) and is highly focused towards hands-on learning while combining plant medicine with field first aid in primitive and post-disaster situations.  This class is perfect for the person who wants to confidently be able to care for sick and injured people in a variety of medical situations for an indefinite amount of time and understand the full range of issues involved in being a successful herbal medic.  Aside from assessment and treatment of injuries and illness, this class will also immerse the student in learning local plant identification, preparation, preservation, and usage. 

The following topics will be covered in this weekend course:

Field hygiene and sanitation

Immediate and long-term wound care in the field

Environmental injuries

Bone and soft-tissue trauma

Long-range evacuation - survival basics and considerations

Setting up a post-disaster or remote clinic



Acute infectious disease - viral, bacterial, protozoan and helminthic

Chronic illnesses in the field

Herbal medicine

The following are included in the fee:

Tuition and all instruction

Camp Fee

Daily Park Passes


Tent and sleeping bag

Transportation to and from the campsite, if not pre-arranged

All food required for the student.  This will be the student's responsibility.  Food may be prepared over a fire or using outdoor camping equipment.  Please bring all necessary items to prepare your own meals during this event.

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***we are working to secure a more primitive location in the same area as we are currently scheduling this event for.  In the event that we are able to change locations, we may be staying further away from grocery stores.  It is recommended you bring with you everything you believe you will need for the entire weekend in the event that our location is more remote than the Campground we're currently reserving.  Any location change will be communicated to all participants in advance.